Presenting Oral-B Electric Bluetooth Toothbrush

Do you sincerely keep to brushing your teeth twice daily? Quite funny I hardly do. Maybe because I have too many things doing into late in the night. Or because most times I feel too exhausted to do anything- not even something as pleasurable as eating.

Anyway, I keep brushing my teeth in the morning because for me, is another chores I want to get done as fast as possible and I also want to greet the morning sun with my sparkling white hygienic teeth.

It is a known fact that Nations of the earth are struggling with dental hygiene and a typical example is the Americans; an estimated sixty-five percent of Americans have bad breath and over forty-million Americans have “chronic halitosis” which is persistent bad breath. $1 billion a year is spent on over the counter halitosis product which in turn is not effective because they only mask or amount to other problems.

In most cases, poor dental hygiene is as a result of ineffective brushing of the teeth, tongue, and gums. In order to put a stop to this problems, Oral B Bluetooth toothbrush has come into being to prevent and put a stop to poor dental hygiene.

Oral B smart series electric toothbrush pairs with your iPhone or your Android phone to coach you through your brushing procedures and also gives you feed back on your brushing habits. You may probably be asking, do we need that? But for someone like me that takes pleasure in gadgets, its wonderful and really is gonna be helpful because have been spending more time brushing my teeth. Alright, to get your brushing procedures, you pair the phone with the toothbrush and as soon as you start brushing, the clock starts prompting you to move to another side of your mouth every thirty seconds. You can also customize the timer with a map of your mouth to see what area you should be focusing on. The app and the brush will alert you if you are brushing too hard, you can also extend the brushing section and focus more in some cares but Oral B suggests you work with a or your dentist on this. When you are all done, it induce you to clear your tongue with the brush and then floss. Then, you get a summary of your entire section and a smiley face.

However, my loathe for the brush is that it distracts someone from the 2 minute brushing process with news headlines, weather, brushing tips, calendar and even inspirational quotes. The smart series is on sales already and you can get it for $159 if you are in the US.

With Oral-B’s new beautiful electronic toothbrush I must confess I might start brushing my teeth even thrice daily.

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Originally published at NoizMakaz.