SnapChat is Buying Mobile Search App Vurb for $110 Million+

It won’t be long when Snapchat will be able to help you organize a night out with folks. All thanks to its acquisition of mobile search startup Vurb.

Vurb who was TechCrunch’s Disrupt NY 2014 Startup Battlefield winner is a mobile search app that focuses on helping you find good and best places you’d love to see or be. Vurb could help you check out movies, a restaurants nearby and hangout with friends in a party. Nevertheless, you could bundle these options and share them with your friends.

It’s unclear exactly what Vurb will do at Snapchat, but helping users make plans with friends is one possibility. Vurb could build upon Snapchat’s existing feature that automatically turns addresses into map links. When users chat about a movie, restaurant or place, Snapchat could help them learn more and arrange to meet up there.

TechCrunch caught wind of the impending deal over the weekend and now The Information reports Snapchat is in the closing stages of talks to pay $110 million for Vurb (75 percent stock, 25 percent cash). Snapchat is also said to offer $75 million in retention bonuses to keep Vurb founder and CEO Bobby Lo around.

Source: TechCrunch

Originally published at NoizMakaz.