Tupuca is H̶e̶l̶l̶o̶f̶o̶o̶d Jumia Food for Angola-Africa Market

Just in our quest of being the voice of Africa tech & startups. This time we have traveled afar to Luanda, Angola. And we are bringing to you the latest disruptive startups we discovered. Therefore, sit tight and read our exclusive interview with Wilson Ganga, Tupuca’s Marketing Director and founder, Erickson Mvezi.

Over the years, occasional workers in Luanda, Angola have been facing a lot of challenges when it comes to getting their meals. This is not as a result of lack of money or poverty. But, it is as a result of the huge traffic Angola faces and this serves as an obstacles when workers are trying to get food all by themselves. “In Angola we have a big problem with traffic. During lunch time for the occasional workers (work force and also students) to go out and get one of his/her favorite restaurants food, this probe a big head ache. Sometimes, it even takes you hours and causes you to get back to work late” noted Wilson Ganga, Tupuca’s Marketing Director.

However, Tupuca- the first online food delivery platform Luanda, Angola has taken the responsibility on itself in delivering meals right to your doorsteps. Maybe to your home, office, Library, hospitals and anywhere else. When asked if the food delivered are being made by Tupuca, Wilson gave an answer that “users get to select from various restaurants in the city. We make a partnership with restaurants and once we come to an agreement we put their menu on our platform”. That’s sounds pretty good! Tupuca’s users can select from a wide range of their favorite restaurants. Apparently, our taste of food are quite different and I believe the taste of a Jollof-rice with plantain made by A will absolutely be different from B. Wilson stated that Tupuca doesn’t have plans in having its own restaurant but to be a delivery platform.

Tupuca promises to deliver food in 45 minutes. But, looking at the afore-mentioned factor that gave birth to Tupuca, one might need to know how Tupuca plans on handling traffic when delivery meals. “We are only delivering with motorcycles not vehicles. Food in other cities in Angola will be delivered using vehicles and we will be making use of motorcycles in Luanda due to the much traffic in Luanda”. Said Wilson. Also, Tupuca was part of the selected finalists that pitched to investors at the Seedstars World event.

In addition, managing of competitors may not be an head-ache for Tupuca as they are the no.1 food delivery platform in Angola. But, I’m still wondering what they gonna do if the likes of Hellofood Jumia food decides to expand to Angola. Well, strategic plans are being put in place in managing competitors “We know competitors will come and we plan on building good customer-business relation. Also, if we are able to capture most of the restaurants it will be hard for competitors to get them”. Wison stated.

Presently, there are a list of 5000 people that have signed up for the service and the beta version of the app will be unveiled very soon. Tupuca’s goal in the nearest future is to become the delivering of everything. Not long ago, Deliveroo also added booze delivery to its service. Maybe Tupuca will also be looking forward to that in the nearest future.

Originally published at NoizMakaz.