And she got cut…

I totally missed American Idol tonight. Although there are other shows to watch, but I love singing contest.

I’ve decided to follow the series due to one specific contestant, Melanie Tierce.

During audition week, the tv was on but I wasn’t really watching because I’m more focused on my game. Then I heard her voice! Something in her voice made me turn around. The first thing I thought she sings at church or something. After her performance, I told my wife that this is my bet for this final season. Went on YouTube and searched for any of her videos and there it was. I am hooked!

Then she got cut! I was pretty disappointed because I wanted her to go far in the competition. I know that this is not her time but like what she said in a video posted in her Facebook page, “it was a great experience!”

I can’t wait to see more videos of her and hopefully later on a record. Thank you Melanie Tierce for sharing your voice. I’m a fan!

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