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  1. Go back to 14 regular season games. Yes, this will result in decreased revenue, lower salaries etc. However it will also result in fewer injuries, fewer meaningless games and interest concentration.
  2. Have weight limits by position. This should greatly reduce juicing and injuries. Also it should help increase the life span of players.
  3. Go back to some of the old scrimmage/blocking rules. This will force the game to be played lower to the ground at the line of scrimmage. Fewer injuries, better play. Right now everyone is playing too high, knees aren’t as protected. And I am tired of watching sumo wrestlers.
  4. Do away with the intentional grounding rule. It is a ridiculous rule that only endangers quarterbacks.
  5. The ground cannot cause a fumble. When did that change? Most of the rules changes have been ill advised.
  6. Make me commissioner.
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