Snap Chat’s Snap Map feature for marketing

Snap Chat has released a feature that allows you to see your friends on a map known as snap maps. (To try it out update your snapchat app and fan your fingers while the camera screen is out)

If you are using Snapchat to build your business this could be useful for you (though it’s a bit iffy right now, I am speaking to what it will likely evolve into.) Imagine another google maps and how you could be the first to grab up the virtual real estate.

  1. This takes Snapchat from a one to one connection app to a world map. The idea is that you can access stories from people in your area. How easily you will be able to connect with those users remains to be seen. (As in scooping up followers who are snapping nearby might not be an option)
  2. This opens your stories up to the world. People will be able to look up the snaps at your business. Let’s say you own a nightclub and people want to check it out, they can see real time snaps taking place at your location.
  3. It shows snap hotspots where a lot of people are snapping. If your business or event has a lot of snapping it can create some traffic for you when people search the map.

4. Snap will most definitely be selling this virtual real estate in the form of sponsored location based stories which means you can buy advertising. Depending on what kind of business you have this could be a powerful way to spend add dollars.

Since snapchat can’t beat Instagram and Facebook in terms of active users they are trying to beat them in terms of time spent on the app.

When combined with the Search Stories feature, Snapchat is turning into a realtime video search engine that is location based. Are you beginning to see the marketing implications here?

When tagging is part of this search there is a possibility that it will become a viable search tool. I think it will be used heavily to scope out nightlife venues and concerts.

Keep your eyes out for this tool and don’t rule Snapchat out yet because I think this evolution could be a HUGE shift in the Instagram vs Snap battle.