I promised to write up documentation for August Lock’s REST APIs after writing The Process of Reverse Engineering the August Lock API. It took me way too long to get it done; a new job, a 5 year old and a baby on the way will do that sometimes. Hopefully the documentation below is helpful to some people but it does require an August Lock and August Connect.

I’ve listed additional endpoints I’m aware of but haven’t had a chance to explore at the bottom of this article.

Login and retrieve access token

POST https://api-production.august.com/session

Request Headers:x-august-api-key: 727dba56-fe45–498d-b4aa-293f96aae0e5
x-kease-api-key: 727dba56-fe45–498d-b4aa-293f96aae0e5
Content-Type: application/json
Accept-Version: 0.0.1 …

Reverse engineering an API isn’t exactly unique these days but it’s always pretty interesting to see what steps are needed to gain a basic understanding of a private API. This post isn’t meant to be a technical how-to but more of a process in deciphering an unknown API. I’ve decided to not expose specific endpoints or headers values of the August API as part of this post but will follow up in the future with documentation.

tl;dr: See August Lock API Documentation here

I ended up setting my sights on August Lock as part of turning my various Smart Home devices (Nest, Dropcam, August Lock, Keen Home Vents, SmartThings, my car and a few others) into a custom management system for my house (lovingly called Homer). While August Locks operate over Bluetooth, I also have an August Connect that’s able to manage my lock from anywhere via their private API and mobile apps. I didn’t want to deal with Bluetooth as it wasn’t flexible enough for my needs so I focused on accessing the REST API instead. …


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