Nolan Clough

JOUR 225–002

March 2nd

Exercise 6.2

Ex 6.2

This Monday night the city council held a meeting; the meeting started five minutes late because city councilman Harvey Haddix wasn’t able to find a parking space. The first issue they tackled was a report from the Metropolitan Zoning Commission. Developer Carl Erskine is requesting to be able to move the graves of a nearby cemetery to another location. He wishes to build a supermarket in place of the cemetery. Erskine said that he would even pay for the cemetery to be moved. Erskine thinks that this re-zoning would be a good thing for the city because of how far the next grocery store is away. They opened up for questions from the audience to allow some input from the public. The majority of the audience that commented felt negatively about the idea of a supermarket coming. The final results of the vote were 5–2 against the rezoning petition.

The next issue at hand was the proposal of a one-cent sales tax increase effective city wide. Wilma Rudolph commented, “The city desperately needs this money.” She is worried that if this tax can’t be passed then they will have to start laying off workers next year. Raising taxes would also much it possible for the city to expand some of it’s services; one example is it’s garbage service. The last item of business was a proposal from councilman Mazeroski to license morticians in the city. He proposed to assess an annual license fee for morticians to pay every year. The city now has 30 mortuaries; gathering a fee from them would be very profitable for the city as a whole. Burette made a motion to pass the proposal and did so by a vote of six to one.

new lead: The city has just increased it’ sales tax in a desperate reach for money.