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Ad Subject: Cliffs Edge Lofts

Ad Problem: Graduate students and even many undergraduate students want to experience the culture and community of Lynchburg in a new way from a new perspective.

Product Characteristics:

  • 24 hour gym
  • convenient parking
  • only a few blocks from downtown
  • Access to Blackwater trail and community park
  • Granite counter-tops
  • Security cameras & 24 hour recorded video surveillance
  • Hardwood maple, tile & stained concrete floors
  • Stainless steel appliances with dishwasher & microwave
  • High-speed internet
  • 495–1300$ a month plans

Advertising Objective: Let the target know what they can gain from living here and also what they can give back to the community by living here. I want students to know that this is the perfect place to be involved with the community and culture of Lynchburg while still not being to far from Liberty. Another objective that goes hand in hand with this is the idea that you can also be a part of revitalizing the art scene, community, and culture of Lynchburg. My audience must know that the city is going through a lot of re-development that will in the end be very beautiful and exciting.

Target Market: Liberty Graduate students and older undergraduate students(That have the same mindset).

Competition: Midpoint Apartments has a more central location downtown. Also, apartments that are further from downtown might have the same amenities for a lower price.

Statement of Benefit or Appeal: close in proximity to dowtown Lynchburg for easy access. Cheaper than living on campus.

Creative Theme: A home near the places you want to be and the people you want to see.

Supportive Selling Points: It offers a plush environment with new appliances for a reasobale price. Aesthetically appealing.

Body Copy Below

Cliffs Edge Lofts

Living the Lynchburg Life

If you’ve been paying attention lately then you know that Liberty’s campus is starting to get pretty crowded. More and more graduate students, and even older undergraduate students, are putting their roots down off campus.

I’m going to give you three reasons why living off campus in the community of Lynchburg is a good idea. Later I’m going to tell you about a hidden gem of a place to live.

  • The first good reason to live off campus is simple; it’s so much cheaper people. You can find an apartment that’s better than anything you’ll ever see on campus that’s still less expensive by a landslide. Not only is it an upgrade in quality of life, it’s an upgrade in quality of wealth.
  • The second reason is the most important. If you want to be involved with the culture of Lynchburg, then move to where it is! Moving off campus can help you get involved with the community and the culture that is growing so very fast here; living downtown is probably the best way to get involved.

Downtown Lynchburg has so much to do. There’s plenty of good restaurants to go around; also, there is a great art scene downtown as well with many galleries to go to. If you’re looking for a way to get to know new people, and get involved with Lynchburg locals, then theres no better way to do it.

  • lastly, getting involved in the culture and community of Lynchburg will help it grow. Lynchburg is already growing a ton and new businesses are sprouting up everywhere. Can you imagine how great this city will be in five years?

If I’m the one giving advice, and I am, I say move downtown; It’s a good thing for you and a good thing for Lynchburg. There’s a brand spanking new apartment complex down there called Cliffs Edge Lofts. I have to say, it looks like a pretty sweet place to live, and it’s super close to Main Street and all the restaurants located there; also, there’s a community park right behind it.

Get out there and live your life. I hope this post maybe helped you learn a few things about Lynchburg and what it has to offer. Lynchburg is a wonderful city; go enjoy it.

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