How to Add to Your Holiday Gifts

As Christmas approaches, you’re likely thinking of gift ideas for your family members, friends, and close ones. You’ve picked out what clothes you’ll be getting your wife or husband. You’ve planned a small trip for your parents and siblings. This early in the game, you feel on top of things.

But what are some small, inexpensive ways you can show you went the extra mile this year? How is it that you can add a bit of presentation to your gifts? Something tangible that they can see and get their hands on before opening the big present?

Your answer: candy BoXes. We’ve compiled a few simple but ingenious ways to spice up your gift presentation this year without adding anymore than a few bucks to the cost.

Choosing the right candy.

So your brother is a huge fan of Reese’s. Rather than going straight for the Reese’s at the grocery, try looking for a bit more gourmet chocolate peanut butter cups. They’re pretty common types of chocolates, so it shouldn’t be hard to find something “fancier” to show that you did more than drop by the gas station.

While this may not hold true for all your recipients’ favorite candies (for more unique candy like Whoppers or Twix), attempting to get what they like in a nicer chocolatier’s box is worth their while.


Here’s where you can get creative and improve the look and experience of your gift by a lot.

Think about placing the candy box as a smaller, “open first” gift. This is where you can attach a card or anything else small and personal as the periphery to the main gift. Wrapping the box of candy may not be necessary if it is of higher quality and looks great as is. If it’s a cheaper brand that you did pick up while getting gas, though, think about wrapping it.

No matter what candy you choose for your loved ones or how you present it, the point is that including something extra is a true gesture of love. You cared enough to build up the gift and think about their favorite sweet treat, so you showed that you were really thinking of them this year. Your inclusion of their preferred candy also serves to provide them with a little treat while they’re opening the rest of their gift, too. Win win.