Laci Green

Laci is the type of woman who, through biological coincidence, embodies a deliciously subversive platform for delivering the feminist message. She is young and conventionally attractive. We have been indoctrinated to focus our attention on young, conventionally attractive people, because they are better than old people, lumpy people, disabled people, or bald people. It is especially important to focus on young, conventionally attractive women, because it is their function in life to be the focus of our attention. True, they occasionally speak, write, create art, study science, or become Olympic athletes, but this is entirely beside the point. It is their visual appeal (to men) that is really important.

So Laci has basically weaponized YouTube. Men, who make use of the Internet primarily for the consumption of pornography and its close cousins, such asThe Chive, will make note of her conventionally attractive youth in the Google image preview and click the link, not realizing of course that…

And before they know it, they’re becoming educated on contemporary feminism, women’s social issues, gender inequality, and so forth.

Please contribute your righteous indignation in the comments. We can have the #notallmen argument there. Don’t like the stereotype? Good. I’m sure Laci doesn’t enjoy hers either.

Yes, I understand that men are not exclusively Internet-trolling, masturbatory predators, just as women’s social worth is not exclusively a product of their visual appeal. The problem is that we do not challenge these stereotypes often enough. As I recently mentioned, the sea of streaming media that saturates our everyday lives is imbued with these harmful messages. Assumptions about gender roles, mutual consent, and reciprocal human dignity that should be horribly laughable (thank you, Mr. Barry) are made to seem plausible.

So guys, I challenge you. Listen to the video. Don’t watch it. Laci Green’s contribution to the betterment of human society is not a product of her physical appearance. Her message would be just as valid and just as important if she were an eighty-year-old, overweight, paraplegic. Or a man, as she so artfully points out in her presentation.

Setting the male perspective aside for a moment, the other thing I really appreciate about Laci is that she is wonderfully articulate in a way that resonates with Millennials (particularly, Millennial girls). As important as it is for men to hear and understand this message, it is just as critical that women do as well. Those harmful assumptions I mentioned earlier are more directly damaging to the girls of today than to the boys. Ultimately we suffer collectively, but women suffer more, and more immediately.

Therefore, without further ado, here is the definition and purpose of feminism, delivered by one who understands it best.

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