America Owes Descendants of the Enslaved DNA Testing Which Starts to Close Pieces of Their History

African Ancestry DNA Results for Enola and Father Goerge Semple and Ancestry DNA bottom. Photo Credit Enola Semple

My 2020 birthday present to myself was to get the kit and find out my mom and dad’s lineage, which cost $686.20 and was discounted at the time. The test was bought to get my family’s Maternal and Paternal sides and see what African tribes we belong to. I didn’t care what it took to get those results, how much it cost, or how long we had to wait to get them due to Covid. Still, my family was ready to get the results of what the American Government owes all-black descendants of enslaved people who became The Freedman of the United States of America. They owe us the gaps of history they stole from us of who we are and where we come from. I have been searching all my life because like most black people in this country can say, we don’t specifically know our ancestors’ origins, but what we do know is that our skin color tells us that we are black. Some are lighter due to the brutality of rape they bestowed on our darker-skinned ancestors that created mulatto or mixed babies. They still raped our people because of the inhumane impudence of white patriarchal supremacy. We know our blood comes from the motherland.

I did in 2014 after the love of my life Grandaddy Nolan ( my mom’s dad), passed away, which cost less than a hundred dollars in 2014. There were passed down historical stories of grandparents’ lineage they gave to us, and some went to the grave with them for whatever reason they did not want to disclose some of the brutal stories, which blurred lines of what happened in their life before that. Not understanding that my great-greats and their great-greats all the wild rebellions they explored to get freedom and the love they made to get the next generation on this planet. The results I received from the African DNA were to put my mind at ease that I may no longer try to understand where and what lineage I came from, but my results trouble me.

My dad had to do the patriclan testing to see where we came from in Africa. I could not see the African lineage that came through the African Ancestry testing because they were from Spain and Portugal on my paternal side — knowing that the slave traders who started this money-grabbing greediness were a part of my DNA. Don’t get me wrong; It makes me happy that I know where I come from, but my DNA cries, kicks, and screams of the treachery bestowed on my people. To know that my African ancestors had it rough because of the leverage the Portuguese/ Spaniards made by selling my people on credit or IOU from the banks. Raping, pillaging, and killing because my African Ancestors didn’t look like them and thought they were less than them.

I took the Matriclan testing to see on my maternal lineage I am proud that I know who my maternal family has come through the beautiful African Continent-Nigerian people from the Ibo/Igbo tribe (Grammy Enola Harrison line). Still, according to the African Ancestry Guide: to African History and Cultures (2017), I also learned that some Nigerians had also sold us into Transatlantic Slave Trade but not how we thought of it. They didn’t know it was going to be that brutal. Europeans from Britain and North America were the main culprits selling the Ibo people into slavery. It seems everyone European had a part to play when capturing my people. I hope everyone who is a descendant of enslaved gets their stories of how they came to be from their older generations that are still living.

I am trying to get the rest of my family DNA tested, such as my Aunt, my dad’s little sister, to take the maternal African ancestry DNA test to see my paternal mother’s side. We are trying to get my cousin on the maternal side to take grandfather’s lineage paternal test that we may know what tribe Grandad Nolan patriarchal came from in Africa. I wish all of us could take the African Ancestry DNA test to learn of the tribes we came from and, no doubt, who we belong to. Thank you, African Ancestry, for giving me this peace of mind. I’m not done learning about myself, nor am I giving up on learning the whole truth of my children’s lineage; they are next.

Tuttle, and African Ancestry. African Ancestry Guide to West and Central Africa. African Ancestry, 2005 Revised 2017.




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