About coliving in Japan - 日本でのcolivingについて

updated on April 4th

2017 will be the year for the beginning of "coliving" in Japan. I have already talked to a person who is definitely preparing two places for coliving. I cannot tell the details yet, but this is actually happening in front of me. 
The ideas of coliving I am sharing inspired my friends like thunderbolt. It didn't take much time at all or there was no hard time to make my friends understand about it.

The details about coliving in Japan are coming very soon I believe. 
Please stay tuned.



ちなみに、僕がやりたいと思っているcolivingについてこんな感じで以前に書きました。coliving art project with Nori

もうひとつ、徳島うだつの街並みで感じたColivingの兆し:のりさんぽ #1

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