It's called "coliving man".

My friend and I came up an idea of having a festival in Himi city, Toyama.
That's a fabrication of whole steel manufacturing processes.
We'll call our friends and stay together in Himi for the festival.
And I realized I can demonstrate an experiment of "coliving" there.
That is my "coliving art project".
But also I realized the experiment would be very similar to "Burning Man".
So We'll do skill exchange at the festival.
The first 3 days will be iron sand gathering. And Himi city gives a place to stay for our friends. In a local university there is an art professor who knows how to manufacture steel. We'll learn from him. 
There are also some art students can deal with steel and make expressions.
So it's like one specific topic Burning Man. But also I would like to add coliving essence to it like after manufacturing steel we'll think and start business or art with the steel for making our living together with local people in Himi.

So I would like to call it "coliving man".
...just kidding.
but we’ll do the festival.

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