Microquad Custom FPV Full Build & Flight With HD Recording

by AndyRC


Parts list; I wont post links as links go dead but you will find with google

1, fpvhobby.com - 5v regulator/power distrubution $6.90
2, fpvhobby.com - vtx with cloverleaf 50–100mw vtx (5.8 GHZ AVTX FOR FATSHARK) $39
3, Picnicquads.com - Platform X^3 100 Integrated 8.5mm Frame $10
4, 4X 8.5mm motors with long wires from ebay $5.71
5, H107C 2mp camera (banggood) $25
6, 808 16 D lens $10.80 (banggood)

other things not included in the price which you may alreadty have:
7, Hubsan props $1.34
8, 32g SD card (class 4) $12
9, 28 Guage wire $1
10, Solder (leaded mmmm smell the fumes)
11, hot glue

total price bind and fly $97.4 (without SD card)
Extras used Spyhawk Tx (part number h102f-01) $89 (note h107D tx will work fine)

Extras to make the video:
hauppauge winTV900 H0006 in conjunction with virtual dub and X264 codec
RC832 32ch 5.8 receiver (34usd)

build time (length of this video!)