Building Fizzle

Throughout the last five weeks, I’ve worked as part of a team to build an app called Fizzle. It’s an Android app for helping you mix drinks easily, with ingredients you have. After inputting two or more ingredients, the user clicks a button to generate a mixed drink based on these ingredients.

At first, we started with designing a logo for our team. I sketched several of these, and we later fused them into one we all liked:

Our mascot is chomping on U!

Brainstorming and Needfinding

During week 2, we brainstormed several ideas. I proposed an idea to build a bulletin website where campus organizations can post all kinds of notices, from library walk food sales to frat rushes. Alas, my idea was rejected in the end, and we decided on the base idea for the Fizzle app.

Off of this idea, I interviewed several people to get an idea of the kind of software we want to build. This needfinding process revealed that many college students drink to become drunk, rather than drinking due to the taste.


During the start of week 3, I worked with Joseph, a dedicated teammate, to create the following low-fidelity prototype using the software Balsamiq Mockups 3.

Fizzle page, login, and drinks information page.

Based off this software prototype, we started the process of actually making this app. We decided that we would stick fairly close to the prototype in terms of design.

Product Logo Design

Once again with the help of Joseph, I created a logo for our app. We used a stock photo from google images, and edited it with photoshop for the following photo:

Our App Logo

Software Development

We started out thinking planning to use xCode to create an iOS app. To this end, I created a github private repository for our code. Soon afterwards, we decided to develop in Android instead, since a few of us had experience in a prior project.

During software development, I used a third party library on github to create a bottom navbar for our app. I later worked on the “Browse Drinks” and “Find Buddies” page of our app.

Video Editing

On the last day, I created a 90-seconds commercial for our app with iMovie. For a first effort at video editing, it turned out pretty well.

To check out our in-depth journey through building this app, check out: