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So I had an interesting user story the other day. I was asked to implement a new system that would allow users to pay for and download some of our templates.

This is all pretty well and easy thanks to Stripe and their Rails API. However we needed a way to allow users to download the templates using a key that expires a week after purcahse and doesn’t provide the user with the storage URL of the template. So thats what I wanted to show a way you can provide the download without giving away the proverbial cow.

Starting off with this we are going to assume a few things. We are using Ruby on Rails, Uploading is done via CarrierWave (although most of what we will show it doesn’t matter), and we are using Pundit for Authorization. …

Hey guys! Thanks for following me on Medium.

I wanted to catch up with you guys and anyone who follows my blog on programpractical.com. With my current contract coming to an end. I decided hosting my own server and wordpress account was just taking up too much time and fighting for views is not worth what I was getting via Medium.

As of now programpractical.com is a dead page, until I get the last bit of info I need from Medium to have it properly going to their site(bad planning on my part). …


I have found while I really enjoy programming full time. It has also brought on some anxiety I was not expecting. I had been up until July a full time IT administrator for a little over 5 years. In this job while still learning a lot the majority of what I did on a day to day basis was memorized and required little to no effort.

It has been string moving into a job that while I still knew enough that after a trial run with the company they still wanted to hire me. I find my self outside my knowledge sphere on a daily basis. I love this as I’m currently learning so much. …


Nic Ollis

Software Engineer working out of Indiana