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In modern cultures, we are often raised to see the world in a linguistically individualistic way. While there is not anything necessarily wrong with individualism, there are numerous caveats to embedding that quality consistently. The capacity of being individualistic should be compartmentalized and balanced like any skill one may have. In relevance to argumentation, individualism should be dropped when arguing with another.

The modern media and political environment implicitly reinforce the concept that argumentation should be fueled with fire. Since we tend to learn from our environment, seeing others argue in a negative way only perpetuates the perception that argumentation…

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As within, so without. The universe provides for us a metaphoric reflection of life’s greatest lessons.

Stars are born in great cosmic forges of fire called nebulae. Through the fires of hell, stars are born. Down here on Earth, we are thankfully not subject to such extreme conditions. However, we are subject to other types of fire.

As we enter a period of increasing social strife, sociocultural programming, and suffering, impurities of ourselves and the system rise to the surface. Our ecosystem is converging towards death, and humans are driving animals — our cosmic brothers and sisters — to the precipice of annihilation. Imagine being a parent (if you are not already), and wanting nothing but…

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Before you were born, there were about 13–14 billion years of physical existence in the universe. Whether our universe was made by an immaterial or material causal agent is irrelevant in this proof. The important thing to contemplate is that a long time passed before you were born.

Definition I: non-awareness implies zero information observed

Axiom I: we cannot be aware of non-awareness (else contradiction)

Definition I and axiom I are unremarkable, although, are nonetheless self-evident. But, we still need to consider the period of time before we were born. Thereafter, we will consider time during our life. And finally…

Thomas P. Braun

Author of Existential Ontology in Immaterial/Nonlocal Philosophy, and Software Architect.

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