Letter to my friends living in the U.S. (and for their friends too)

Nomad Cook
Nov 7, 2016 · 8 min read
Luis Hernandez.

This is it! The time has come and the election day is almost here. It’s been a very exciting journey for me experiencing this process because of all the things I’ve been learning from this country out of its presidential selection process and also after living here for couple of years.

Before starting, I want to say that I’ve been writing several article drafts for this blog. Does that concept still exists? I’ve been off the grid since 10 years ago when I shut down my old design blog that probably nobody remembers, it was just my baby steps into writing. I think Medium still counts as “blogs”. I don’t give a shit. My point is, I’ve been procrastinating about launching the blog because I still haven’t defined a design template, and haven’t finished yet the main articles I want to launch it with. But timing is very important in these matters and don’t want to lose this opportunity to talk about this important event for this country and its repercussions in a global level.

Warning. I’m not a native English speaker and I cannot afford yet to pay for a style corrector/editor so, you’ll probably find some little errors in the way I write but I think I have enough domain of the language to not screw the main ideas I want to communicate. If you find anything that sound funky to you, please let me know and we can always edit the style of this article or others.

This is very exciting for me because written words are my passion, along with cooking and riding bikes and I’ve been preparing this for months. I’ll write more about that process in a different article but for now, let’s start with the subject of this one.

I’ve been living in the US for 2 years, in Seattle, which is considered to be a very liberal city, some people call it a liberal bubble. It is, most likely, people you’ll meet here have liberal points of view about the usual topics, racism should not exist, support to same sex marriage is the way to go, weed is legal in Washington state*, guns ownership should be banned. Right? heaven of the liberalism… Well, somehow.

I’ve been noticing either in social media and real life, talking with people, that there is some kind of hatred against conservative people, yes, inside the liberal bubble; phrases like “Fucking conservatives, they should disappear” or “I hate those fucking Trump supporters, they are the worst of our society”, “Those racist people, they are so stupid”, “I don’t even know why they leave them vote”, and so on.

There is a lot of intolerance out there and I understand that we can express aversion against other people’s ideas especially if they collide with ours, and also that tolerance also means that even we disagree with the results of an election (here or whichever country that claims to be ruled by a democracy) we respect the results because the majority of the population has decided otherwise. Right?

Nowadays, this is the way it works, every country has their own rules and ways to count votes but basically is the same principle. We are not going to discuss that here because that is not the point of this. However, I want to go back to the tolerance concept mentioned above.

It seems that everybody agrees on the social media, Donald Trump is a danger for this country, in other countries is not well received either, everybody seems to hate him, even people in Europe see him as a threaten for the world; he’s even been compared to Adolf Hitler, he is the worst thing could have ever happened and is a serious threat to this modern and progressive ideas; immigrants being kicked out? but they are a great work force and bring diversity; building a wall? are we back in the 1600’s? bridges are supposed to be built instead; mistreat of women? c’mon, this is a great time for feminism and equality. Okay, let’s make a quick pause.

First of all, in order to disagree with all his ideas it’s important to address that we have to have certain level of education and usually certain level of privilege, and maybe, own certain amount of information that makes us believe in an idea called progress. But let me challenge that for a moment. As heralds of the new order of progress and equality, the holders of the justice and an equal world with room for everyone and where all of us should be treated equally and opportunities should be there for everyone, aren’t we supposed to act accordingly? I saw this video (and probably you did too) some weeks ago:

All is laughter and satisfaction, yeah, all those dumb people are the worst, they don’t even have a clue what the new order is, hahahaha, poor devils, fucking ignorants, they are so wrong!!!

Wait a minute…

Still don’t see it?

Okay, I might be wrong, but what if we think a little bit about those people in a more compassionate way? what if instead of attacking them as the media does. I know, Trevor Noah is so cool; how could he be wrong? the way he puts stuff makes all the sense; but, what if we challenge that a little bit and try to start seeing that those people are also struggling with their daily lives. Okay I get it, they are ignorant, the AIDS statement is funny as fuck, isn’t it? well, to me is concerning and I see a problem of ignorance that needs to be tackled through education, through knowledge. Instead of bullying/blaming those people in social media. What if we think of them as part of the same crew on a boat we are trying not to sink; what if we try to address the global issues that are causing them to be in that position of struggle and ignorance that make them think and express themselves in that way?

Somehow in this era of fast information where is more important to be right and blame others for being wrong, regardless of what belief we have, either religious, political, alimentary, whichever, the easy way out is to blame others of problems. The Internet makes this easy, just take a peek on the comments section of most of the youtube videos, facebook themed posts, twitter replies, you name it.

But over all, I don’t want to blame anyone either, just want to share this thought with you all and open a discussion in your mind, in the same way I did and do everyday; what if those vegans are not evil and stupid just because they don’t eat meat as I do? what if they are trying to help improving the world from their trench? just to mention an example of the most common rants I see on the Internet through my feeds. But back to the point; I think that is more important to think about the wellness of our communities, our states, our countries; our world. I know it sounds romantic and maybe like an unreachable dream that we don’t deserve because we live taking for granted that other people are idiots, especially the ones that don’t agree with our ideas and beliefs. But what if we, instead, take for granted that other people out there with different religions, different eating habits, different political beliefs are also trying to make this world a better place? and better than that, they are not subnormal idiots but the contrary.

Okay okay, the next question would be, but what about all the people killing and shooting others and all the people that are actually making this world a worse place? Well, I’d ask you, what are you doing to stop them? And with that I’m not encouraging anyone to go out there and fight them straight, but what is the dialogue are you having with your local authorities and community to tackle the problems that concern you, the problems that affect you, but most importantly, that affect all of us as a global community.

And just to finish, back to the election topic, I’m not really concerned about who wins this election, politicians are just a tool that we need to learn how to use, at least in a country like this and not like in third world countries like mine where there’s still a lot of work to do on the politics level (that’s the seed for a future post), I’m more concerned about the people and the way we are learning how to communicate in this new era of a global community and things look pretty sketchy on the level of how we vent away our rage about this world going straight to hell. On the other hand I’m also very excited about the possibilities of what this opens if we stop judging others because of their beliefs and start trying to empathize with them, hence channel social media rant into social media compassion and collaboration.

By the way, remember that te Republican party hasn’t been always like this, political parties change their postures based on economic interests and economic interests are guided through selling stuff to masses, yes, we are the masses and, if we start having thinking and critical masses instead of ranting and outraged ones, I believe is a great start to make an impact, besides the work that is being currently done by others. Remember, knowledge is a powerful tool if used correctly, at least that is what I believe in. Let’s get more and use it wisely.


— —

Just found this another article that shows us a little bit more about the other side of the coin, if we read it careful and respectfully, we could understand them better:

[Why I’m voting for Trump — Arc Mag](https://thearcmag.com/why-im-voting-for-trump-d86b1786fbbe#.2ilnkpxgy)

— —

So, whoever wins the election, regardless of if it’s rigged or not, people are the foundation of this country, in the same way is the foundation of my country, Mexico, and also in the same way is the foundation of the rest of the countries. Yes politicians have power to take very awful actions, but they also have power to do great things. Which takes me to:


If you haven’t watched this documentary, Before the Flood. This is a great time to do it. Not everything is lost and we are a great species trying to recover from our mistakes, it is hard, is gonna take time, I don’t know if we are gonna make it. I’m trying to help with that with my little actions and trying to share it, is the way I’m also trying to collaborate with that improvement of our house called Earth.

This is a full documentary, it lasts one hour and a half but i think that every single person should watch it, but especially the ones living in this country (even if I hate to tell to people what they should do). Anyway, I highly recommend it.


— —

National Geographic made the documentary private so, now you’ll have to pay to watch it, more info in their website.

* Restrictions apply, check the laws before. This article is not, by any means, a legal reference for marihuana consumption neither encourages anyone to use it.



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