Supercharging Our Product Development Process
Zahara Cassim

Shukran for the inspiration, yes we often get so bogged down in daily tasks and meeting deadlines that we forget to see the bigger picture or dream about the possibilities. I would go further and say that if we are only thinking on a product level we will be missing something deeply influential to drive progress. We need to be seeing this on the level of souls, to be exploring the impact of our existence and our actions on an unseen level. There are problems to solve that no piece of technology or product feature can really address on it’s own, and no passage of content copied and pasted can even make a dent in. Making an impact on lives on the deepest level means understanding those lives deeply, what influences we are fighting against, what inspires and moves people to action. It’s beyond the superficial level that persuasive design for consumer products has to offer. We need to think deeply about this and if we don’t know where to start we need to start with ourselves.

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