Authenticity is freedom

"Some days
You'll be an utter mess
Apologize not
Human you are
Stay authentic"

What is freedom? Rather have you ever been free?

What are the stories you’re telling yourself? And what tales are you allowing your soul to absorb from your surroundings?

Do you recognize your voice, or have you even forgetting how you truly sound?
Is it shame, guilt,fear or a mix of all?

Too Many questions and I don’t think I have satisfying answers.

but I know one thing for sure: the difference between life and death lies in the narratives we embrace, the whole world could conspire to lift you up and give you chance after chance but unless the story you’re scripting is aligned with your inner truth, you will not move an inch forward or soar higher than the current hole you’ve decided to bury your essence within...
It’s a universal wisdom "as within so without".
So what do we need to reclaim this urgent sense of ownership and triumph against our lower nature?

We need authentic stories..

Yes! We're desperate for tales that could trigger our communities into loving more, better and wholly.
I want us to walk through the fire and come out on the other side purified, fiercer and humbled enough to let go of false ego and doctrines.

This is the era of the "outcasts" where the voiceless are demanded to rise and center the hell out of their scars,struggles and Triumphs alike. the push against all forms of injustices is a vital key to unpack and dismantle our deep toxic believes.
There’s too much to gain and nothing to lose but these mythical shackles that weighed humanity for fucking too long.
Dare to speak and find that courage, it might sting a little at first but easier with time and part of your own survival it’ll become.

Create all the affirming mantras you need and know that you’re essentially human so erupt magically.

" I didn't learn to be quiet when I had an opinion. The reason they knew who I was is because I TOLD THEM!" -Ursula Burns