why going the distance matters: the story behind a kid chasing his dreams.

growing up was never easy for me. born to immigrants who wanted me to have the best opportunities as a child in the united states. i wasn't born rich nor am i rich, but my childhood was never a normal one having been in a severe accident at the age of four, where a drunk driver nearly ended my life as well as my uncle’s life by running us over. every day i wake up thankful for that accident, yes i'm thankful for an incident that almost ended my life, the question is why?

the reason i'm thankful is, because of that accident, the doctors found a tumor in my brain that could have grown to be very cancerous. if that incident never would have a occurred, who know’s where i might be at this point in age. nevertheless i grew up aspiring to be an artist, a professional soccer player, a designer, and a lawyer, I excelled in all these aspects of my life. i reached high school and as a freshmen i was a starter for the varsity team and my club team. in my final weeks as a freshmen i end up injured due to an acl injury, i fell into depression. the saddest part was my old friends were not my friends no more, during my injury i only had one of my teammates constantly check up on me. during this time i also started to get more involved with my church, through church i was able to find the motivation i needed in recovery. i thought i had my doors closed, when in reality the old ones stayed open and new ones approached me.

my senior year i come back from my injury. my 2 years of recovery only lasted me thirteen minutes of fame, when in a preseason game i injure the same knee, at this point my mind is telling me to retire from the game. i start to think what kind of day job do i want after i graduate. i miss about a month and a half and start training cautiously. at first i was given little minutes to prevent more injuries from occurring. by mid season i took away the starting spot, and ended the season on a bright note. i graduate high school not knowing what will happen next. i receive an email one month before college starts saying if i would be interested in joining a division 1 junior college. i didn't pass the opportunity and i immediately packed and left for college. now i'm currently a freshmen in college studying pre-law, playing soccer, im friends with an incredible artist, and i'm currently a soccer coach. what my story has convinced me and hope it does to others is that doors are never closed, the doors just need for you to think like the kid who aspires to be a soccer player, an astronaut, a police officer and that through your experiences new ones open up as well, that is why going the distance matters.

- christopher smith padilla