A quick Prague visit for Easter

We currently live in a small village outside of Prague. I had an upcoming 8:00am appointment at the U.S. Embassy on a Thursday. My husband had no intention of dealing with early morning city traffic, so he planned for us to stay in Prague the night before.

We reserved room at Royal Court Apartments for only $37/night. The location was perfect with direct access to the subway and walking distance to Old Town and Charles Bridge.

The staff speak several languages, including English. After doing all the check in paperwork, we were given a welcome gift option of wine or Becherovka (a delicious Czech herbal liquor).

With our gift and luggage we headed for the tiny European style elevator. We had to take separate trips. First, the hubby with baby and stroller, and then myself with the family luggage.

The rooms were incredibly spacious with a entrance, large bathroom w/shower, a dining room, stocked kitchenette, living room area with a couch bed and TV and of course a sleeping area with a queen bed. I could not believe that the price was so reasonable for such a beautiful and perfectly located accommodation.

Our view into the courtyard at the backside of the building

We unloaded our things and immediately headed out to get some food and enjoy old town Prague.

Easter season in Prague

It was Easter season and everything in the town reflected that clearly.

There were beer and snack kiosks all around as well as a free farm petting zoo for the kids. (and for animal loving adults too!)

My son loved petting the donkey.

It was a really festive atmosphere with live entertainment and plenty of excitement.

After our evening in Prague we headed back to our hotel for the night. We woke up early and hopped on the tram across the bridge towards the U.S Embassy.

There was still a line and a wait despite having an appointment. Once inside the disorganization continued, however, once I finally got to speak with someone, I was fortunate to get a very kind and helpful lady that did her best to assist me. Once we left, we took a slow leisurely walk back to our hotel strolling though the side streets that were beautifully void of any tourist crowds at 9:00am.

An almost empty Charles Bridge at 9:00am on a Thursday

Even the Lennon wall was empty of visitors. We also happened upon this little “love lock” area that sprouted up next to wall in Kampa Park.

Lennon Wall (Left) Lock Lock mini bridge next to the wall in Kampa Park (Right)

On our way out of town and back to our village we stopped by an amazing restaurant in Prague 5 called Na Kopci (On The Hill). It’s not necessarily easy to find or get to but if you make it, you won’t be disappointed. The food and service was phenomenal. My husband learned about it on Scuk.cz and Restu.cz

The building is very unassuming and almost deterring. And there’s not always a cute baby welcoming you in.

The interior is very nice with unique wallpaper made from old photos of the owner.

Picture wallpaper (left) Diners in intense political conversation (center) Largest bottle of Grappa I’ve ever seen (right)

We ordered a pre-set menu that included a bread basket, soup, lobster ravioli, steak tartar, phyllo crusted pork loin with candied pears and whipped potatoes followed by a sweet poppy seed dumpling in a vanilla bean sauce for dessert. Our tab was about $27 with tip.

To be honest the place was so good we went twice.

It was a great mini trip into town. Old town square was absolutely beautiful, there was a chill to the weather but nothing uncomfortable. If you are debating coming this time of year, do it! (It beats summer, trust)

Have a place in Czech you’d like us to check out? Let us know in the comments!

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