Czech Castle Ruins Spotlight: Libštejn

Location: Liblín, 1 hour 10 mins from Prague

Photo credit: Atika C. Budejovice

Castles, chateaus and ruins are EVERYWHERE in Czech. Because of that, most of my stories start with the sentence “about 10 minutes from our house is…”

So not surprisingly, about a 10 minute drive from our house in an unsuspecting field is a sign for Libštejn (pronounced: Libshtain)

The view of the field (left) The “parking area” (right)

There are some “designated” parking areas and then it’s time to just follow the trail into the forested area.

My husband took us there on whim. He hadn’t been there since he was 15 and recalled that it was a short jaunt from parking to the area.

He recalled wrong.

It took about 30 minutes with toddler in tow, but it was a nice walk with a very minimal inclines and declines.

Toddler hiking (left) Toddler carrying (right)

There is small creek that joins along the side of the train and you will keep following it until you see a large sign, a small bridge and sitting/camping area.

Small bridge to cross to get to sitting/camping area (left) Sitting/camping area (right)

Once in that spot you can easily see the ruins of Libstejn.

View of Libstejn from below

Of course they are definitely worth a closer look. Walking around the corner you’ll see some some worn walkways to get up to the top of the hill.

It was a fun little spot to explore. It is really close (walking distance)to the Berounka river and you can even catch a glimpse of it through the trees.

We headed down the opposite end and back down to the sitting/camping area.

After playing around for bit in the grass we headed back to our car.

It was a beautiful area with trees, birds, the hum of the river and the occasional deer or rabbit. I would love to come back for a picnic or even an overnight stay with the little one.

It’s really hard to find a site with additional information in English, but to be honest there is not much else to know other than how to get there.

Hope that helps!

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