Czech Castle Spotlight: Křivoklát Castle

View from the road below

Location: 54 minutes from Prague by car

For what Americans would call Easter Sunday, we went to Křivoklát (Krzsheevoklaht)Castle. It’s in a protected area known as Krivoklatsko, similar to a protected area like Yosemite. It’s about a one hour drive from Prague.

They had a special event going on so the area was very busy for the holiday. Parking was scarce and we had to park about a 10 minute walk from the castle. There are plenty of parking attendants that will guide you where to go. Event parking was 100kc ($4.00).

On our walk in, we stopped right before the castle entrance at a little restaurant for some soup and bread. It was something we much regretted after getting inside the castle and seeing all the amazing food choices.

smoked cheeses, chocolate that looks like rusted tools, Kolach, sausage and more cheese

We walked toward the front of the castle and paid our entrance fee of 80kc ($3.50).

Entrance (left) View looking down to the road from the castle (center) Krivoklat Castle plaque at entrance that says the castle was finished in 1109

I had no idea what to expect around the corner from the entrance but I was pleasantly surprised.

Entrance into the castle walls(left). The main event area with festive green beer (center) View of the castle courtyard from tower (right)

The complex is rather large with many areas to explore. There were shops, a formal restaurant, and a wine cellar with a bar, and a tower you could climb, in addition to countless vendors.

Entrance down into the wine cellar (left) Wine cellar “bar” (right)

There were all types of vendors and products from blacksmiths, herbs, traditional cookies, trdlnik (there’s always trdlnik), klobasa, beer, crafts and activities for kids.

Local Vendor Kiosks
Crafts & Activities

The artisan stores had active workshops attached.

There was an entertainment program throughout the day for both adults and children, including a visit from the king and queen.

The welcoming of the king and queen
A battle between knights

For a fee you can tour additional parts of the castle. The group met behind this locked gate with this awesome set of medieval keys. It’s hard to tell in this picture but the keys were almost a foot long.

Additional areas of the castle you can tour for a fee.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable day here at Krivoklat. They had a full program of activities, entertainment and events, including a firework finale at the end of the day. Food and drink was plentiful. It would have been easy to spend the whole day there, but we had family visits to tend to. We drove, however there is also a train that stops right at the bottom of the castle.

I definitely recommend a visit out here, the castle and the surrounding areas are beautiful and it’s just enough off the beaten track to skip the crazy large crowds you’ll find elsewhere.

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