A note from a nomad

Clara was a teen while she had her first major accident. She was hit by a car and broke her left arm and fractured her skull. Then the second accident happened to her while she looked at the face of the man who was running to the the hospital lifting her with his strong hands. Her eyes were half opened and despite having blood all over her black hair she was smiling like a fool. She was in love with him and she considered it as an accident after she had her third accident ten years later.

They were married until the third accident happened. That day Clara turned twenty eight and she saw a note on her bed side table instead of the ready-made breakfast like the other mornings. After all, it’s her birthday. With a smile she took the paper and read it. “Dear Clara, I did not know how could I possibly tell these words to you. So, instead I wrote it. You saw me smiling, rushing to the office with great seriousness on my face. Making you breakfast to show you how much do I care about you. But deep inside I was a nomad. I want to be enlightened. Discover my inner self and be free from all the mundane attachments. Take care of yourself and Janet.” — a note from a Nomad.

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