Top coworking spaces and cafés in Japan

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Last year, with Nicolas, we had the chance to travel to Japan for two months. We spent our time visiting and enjoying the big cities and the country side. Have a look at Nicolas’ post about our journey through Japan while working. Yes, that’s true, we also worked from time to time. Towards that end, we’ve spotted nice coworking spaces and cafés. Ready to discover our top 9?

1. Impact Hub coworking (Tokyo)

  • Website:
  • Good internet connection
  • Open space area & Tables in the café area
  • Always provide iced tea

We worked one full month at Impact Hub. This is a really nice and welcoming coworking space. There are a lot of events hosted every week. There’s a café area where people can have a drink, have lunch or just work while enjoying good music.

2. Oinai Karasuma coworking (Kyoto)

  • Website:
  • Good internet connection
  • Open space area
  • Staff does not really speak English (yet)
  • Kinda remote workers friendly

We worked two days from Oinai Karasuma coworking. Even though the staff doesn’t really speak English (yet), they did their best to answer our questions and help us. We shared a lunch with all the coworkers. It was amazing.

Note that they’re not used (yet) to nomads that come to work for only a few days.

3. Café Soeur (Takayama)

Hidden in the mountains, in a city known for its festivals and its really ancient houses from Edo’s era, there’s a gem called Café Soeur. It’s a lovely café with a view on the river. We spent one afternoon working there. They offer amazing iced teas and really good pastries. I’m in love with this place.

4. T&M COFFEE (Naha, Okinawa)

Ok now, you probably already know that we’re also huge foodies. So yep, this café offers good internet connection, plays nice music, provides really good coffee AND a delicious tiramisu. So, we worked two afternoons in T&M COFFEE and really enjoyed the atmosphere.

Oh and if you’re going to this café, make sure to stop by Ganso Daito Soba restaurant and try their amazing swordfish sushi.

5. Othello Specialty Coffee Roaster (Beppu)

Beppu, a city known for its many onsen (hot springs) doesn’t have proper coworking spaces. Fortunately, we discovered Othello Specialty Coffee Roaster, a nice café to work from for few hours. No internet connection for sure, but good coffee and food.

6. Mocco coworking (Himeji)

Yes, there’s a coworking space in Himeji! In fact, there are a few coworking spaces in Himeji. So, if by any chance, you plan to visit the famous medieval castle and afterwards you have some work to do, know that Mocco can be an option. The space is well situated and offers good hotdesks. We spent a few hours there before catching our train.

7. Today is my life! café (Tokyo)

Today is my life! offers such a cozy atmosphere that you’ll not wanna leave the place. Just make sure to leave before dinner time otherwise it won’t be comfortable neither for you nor the staff and the other customers :)

Nevertheless, the place is really pleasant, I wrote all my postcards from there. It was just the perfect place. Oh and make sure to pay a visit to the bathroom, it’s a special experience!

8. Kaikado café (Kyoto)

We didn’t work from the Kaikado café but we’ve seen people studying and working around us. On top of wooden tables, there’s a patio and some sofas next to a bookshelf.

9. Itsuki Coffee (Miyajima / Itsukushima, Hiroshima Bay)

This is not the perfect place to work from but honestly, people usually go to Itsukushima island to see Miyajima shrine. But again, if you come to work on this island, Itsuki Coffee’s back room is a good spot to work from.

Well, that’s it for our top working places in Japan. Hope you’ve found this list useful.

Originally published at on October 21, 2017.