The Evolution of Event Marketing — An Overview

According to a research report published by Ernst and Young, in 2014–15 the event and activation industry had grown by 15% in India and was standing at a net worth of Rs. 4,285/- Cr. Event marketing is one of the most effective tools used by brands to establish their presence in the market, especially brands that are at the launch or awareness stage in their cycle.

Events have begun grabbing attention in new innovative styles. They engage all senses of the audience these days. This ensures undivided attention and sometimes even generates immediate response that is desired. Brand activations these have become more immersive and interactive to create a sense of excitement in audiences.

Personalisations is another element that appears to have gained popularity amongst the best advertising and event marketing agencies. The focus of brands and their marketing teams have moved from individualistic approach to a more wide spanning ‘We’ and ‘Us’ kind of approach. This helps create a sense of belongingness in the minds of the audience and makes it easy to establish a longer and stronger relationship. Besides the above mentioned, guest engagement is another factor that plays a rather crucial role in making an event and the promoted brand a success.

The event industry in India is at the verge of it’s best phase and brands are making the most of it. Marketing through events have already proven to be beneficial and will continue to flourish. If you too are looking to promote your brand or product or simply yourself are a personality, you must also experiment with event marketing.