A time when humans only ate natural food is a myth.
Michael Petch

I like your thoughtfulness here. When I say natural, I don’t mean raw or untouched by man, because man is also a product of nature, and can harness natural processes.

What I am advocating is more cottage-industry, and more personal involvement with our food, and consuming less processed/manufactured/polluted foods — make your own bread, make your own granola or cereals, and you’ll have more control of what’s in there, and be less dependent on preservatives and the whims of the food industry. My beef isn’t with technology, but with technological advances that don’t go hand in hand with a sense of morality. I recommend reading “The Unhealthy Truth” that touches on the American food industry’s relationship with mother’s trying to advocate for better labeling so that their kids with allergies as a case example.

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