China confronts its growing Christian population

Thank you for your report of what is happening in China. One would hope with the desire for greater religious tolerance that would include people of all faiths, and all expressions that are not hurting others.

Many Chinese businessmen are Christian, as an escape from Maoist/Leninist Communist values actually free the individual to pursue pursuits of business, fruitfulness, and growth, that he then can hopefully share with others. Whether China chooses a greedy form capitalism with no moral compass, or compassionate capitalism with ethical business practices will likely determine the fate of the nation. China should realize though, that those who prefer a compassionate and ethical lifestyle usually have a reason for it — faith, and a belief system that produces good fruits.

“I think back to many discussions in my early life when we all agreed that if you try to take the fruits of Christianity without its roots, the fruits will wither. And they will not come again unless you nurture the roots.”

— Margaret Thatcher

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