2018 for the Nomadways artivists

Wrapping up a year full of learnings and joy

Time flies so fast, cannot believe another year passed by! Thankfully, we do this little reflection on our work and achievements during the year so we can slow down for a while and reflect on what was good, what was great and what we can definitely do better next year. We are happy to share our 2018’s moments here with you.

2018 was a year full of events that took place at our newly renovated barn in Brivezac, France. We hosted 4 Erasmus+ co-funded 2-week workshops, 10 weekend workshops and 19 events. This year, together with our friends Kacalou, we did our first festival and we named it “Créestival” — a celebration of co-creation and sharing.

Our team faced many challenges on the way but in the process we definitely grew stronger and more experienced than before. Last year we had more than 100 volunteers to help us build Homade and this year our team grew with more people who stayed with us longer — yes, you will meet them quite soon!

In this short article, we summarised our year in one of our favorite manners — the visual! Have a look, maybe get inspired and why not join us to create something together in 2019?

People: who worked with us in 2018
What we managed to do, in few numbers.
This is how our 2018’s map looks like.
Oh, wait! There is a special place for the people who are part of our family now:

Our Artivistic Summer

Summer 2018 was our first ever try to create artistic residencies and invite inspiring artists, social changers and educators to exchange ideas and work together in Brivezac! As a result we were visited by more than 60 absolutely amazing humans who dedicated their talents and time to co-create. Therefore, we wanted to tell you a bit more about who they are and what did they do just a few months ago.

Our story started with Bruno’s clown show Un Flux in April. Even though still cold, he warmed up the place for the upcoming awesomeness that followed — a 2-week workshop on comics and gender (WeMen) and the summer residencies.

In May we met Anne, a clown from Denmark who uses the fun for social activism; and who made a workshop, a lovely show with Miriam and stayed with us for a month. Miriam is a German-Portuguese circus artist, hand balancer and rock climbing instructor and wrote beautiful blogs on her experiences at Homade and made an acro workshop. Our Manu did 3 nights of puppet magic and music at the space (and 3 more in June, too)! All that was possible with the help of our creative organiser Kara!

June was quite busy too. Before and after Let’s Gamify, we had a number of delightful events. Léo Haag’s magical concert, Manu’s puppet show June editions, Shuli Yu’s (a cognitive psychologist from Singapore) exceptional decision making workshops and another fascinating music performance, this time by talented musicians Ivana Mer and Christian (not to mention she also did a singing workshop, yupii!). Since Anne and Kara left, we had the pleasure to have Claire as our next creative organiser! Guess what! She is one of the people who now joined Nomadways core team!

July… oh, sweet Summer! Our residents organised an improvised and absolutely marvelous jam session at Homade in the evening after Shuli’s second workshop. They also took part at the local celebration La Fete de Brivezac — an inspiring visit by cyclist Aaron Errant and Spoke ’n’ Chain told a quixotic story full of delirious nonsense. Then, Our Mask, a 2-week workshop on masks and theatre took place. At the end of it we had the amazing performance of Barada Street — our dear friends Richard and Juri — followed by a mask theatre. The month had ended with another weekend workshop — Richard’s Awareness of the idiot. Lena was totally there to run the show at Homade.

August was crazy but a blast thanks to the hardworking Lucy and Hanna with the help of another Claire. So many people visited us that we are afraid we might miss someone… who hopefully would forgive us. It begun with Nora’s Transit workshop, who joined forces with Ilker for a magnificent show.

The following weekend was super creative with Loesje’s creative writing atelier and drawing workshop by Mat Let. The traditional Tribal Veda’s visit that blew our minds took place right after and was followed by the residency of Queens — Gözde’s & Clémence — who made a remarkable performance and facilitated a workshop.

Our truly lovely Season ended in September with our 2-week workshop Digitale and then the Créestival. Just have a look here to check out all the fascinating workshops and shows that happened during the last weekend of the month!

We are so wow-ed by all those generous souls who came and left part of themselves at Homade. Who are also always welcome back!

Some moments in Homade (Brivezac, France).
Have a look at our Summer 2018 photo album on Facebook.

Would you like to join for more next year? There are some ideas how to do it! You can apply to take part in some of our next workshops (we publish info on our website and social media places like facebook), or keep an eye on our monthly news for some residency opportunities that might come next year. Or even make a project with us or organise your own project at Homade? Draw us a line here.

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