My map, my story

Mapping workshop by our Romina and Marija, in Zagreb, Croatia, January 2019.

When we talk about maps and mapping, what do we think of first? Map of the world, orientation, journey, streets and squares? How do we use maps? How would maps of our quarters, city or country look like if they were made by us?

Those were some of the questions that inspired workshops held in Zagreb, Croatia last January. The workshops were hosted in a warm and welcoming community organisation Udruga Vestigium. In group and individual activities, we explored creative mapping techniques which enabled us to understand a new way of observing space around us, Zagreb and our everyday life in the city. Maps were made according to “our measures”, they opened a new storytelling world in which physical spaces got a new — “human” dimension full of colors, emotions and stories …

Within two evenings, local participants (from Zagreb) explored their relationship with the city and shared their stories and memories.

“Traveling in times and places, awakening senses, memories. Extremely useful and awareness rising.”

-Irena, participant

“Participating in a mapping workshop was a great experience for me because not only did I learn what is subjective mapping but I also learned in a very nice and relaxed environment about how do I see my city and what is my happy place. The techniques we learned are creative and simple and can be used with different age groups which is very useful. Additional plus was also the fact that we got information about other web sites that can help us learn more about mapping. To sum up it was nice and educational evening.”

-Dijana, participant

*This workshops also make part of Marija and Romina’s new collaborative adventure called “Re.Map”, a project in development that aims to employ and spread creative mapping techniques to other communities, organisations, collectives.

Keep an eye on City as a Person, a project by our Marija.