Khudi and Self Learning

I read the biography of Eidhi completely. It include the activities from childhood of the Edhi sb to when they Migrate from sub-continent. There are so much motivation things are present in the book. One thing I found in Edhi Sb, he never give up and her mother develop a strong belief in him. One of the interesting things I saw in the book which is that Edhi sb’s mother give him two paisa and said him to spend one paisa on other person who need it and remaining paisa is used by you. Basically, its goal to help the people who have needed and his mother want to taught his child to help the people when they need it. She wanted to develop a skill to helping other. Obviously, this is very important skills and today we can see everywhere people lack of humanity. My Story that I found in common with Edhi sb is helping poor people. Whenever I ride on my bike see the beggar's. I thought about them and so many question rises in my mind. How they live ? what kind of life they living? What they eat ? how they manage? So My heart feels for them I want to help their in anyway. So sometime I took clothes with me and handover to any poor people. Sometimes I purchase meat, fish the foods which are beyond their range and give it to them. It make my soul happy. I love Humanity. If you help the people God Will help you.

I wanted to learn a NEBOSH for a long time not only to update my profile but also to learn new skills that will help me in my professional career. The major problems that I am facing is Financial Problem because its very costly course and I am facing a big problem to manage its fee. Its a Difficult for me to take out time for this course from my routine work.

Until and unless i had not accomplished this goal. As I described earlier its difficult for me to manage its fee and time. No doubt its a tough course as I come to know from peoples so I had fear of failure if I will not be able to clear the exam then all fee and time will be waste. Whenever i have enough amount and a suitable time to do this course i will do it. To Achieve this target I had to collect its fee for this purpose I teach tuitions and save some money monthly and also searching a technical job in order to get experience.

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