​How to create your own real estate website

As many of our readers are well aware of the fact that we are keen to enhance your learning and skills both, and our “do it yourself” attitude is widely appreciated by our readers. So now we would like to help those related to real estate industry and have ugly or no presence over the internet, result of which is poor or no internet business. We will be helping those people who want to create a real estate website for their company on their own.

We are specifically targeting those people who are least technical or don’t want to learn a whole new program. They just want to be able to change some text or new add property details and remove the sold out properties from their website without hiring a website administrator to do all these stuff for them, and their websites remains updated with least effort and in an easy manner.

Now we are assuming that you already have domain name and a hosting space, by quickly skipping details of these steps, let’s have a look on existing options.

Hosting panels free website builders are the easiest and readily available options. Like if you purchase a hosting plan they generally offer free website building tools like godaddy.com and many even charge for these tools. But seriously none of them works as expected and you can’t really get a professional website out of it.

Now the next option which we just discussed above is of paid tools, these tools are relatively better than those which are provided for free; obviously that makes sense as well… they are specially designed and are easy to be used by non-technical people. Weebly.com and Wix.com are worth mentioning as they provide online list of templates to be selected as per requirements and user can add their own text and images. These solutions are cheaper as well doing all the things for you. But in case of a real estate web designing you need a bit more than these solutions. As the website should be appealing for the visitors as well as should be displaying information in a managed way.

Now the most preferable option comes, which obviously is WordPress. It’s a complete platform having a content management system which is reliable and websites from small to medium range are using it. It’s flexible and can be easily customized to a complete management platform for real estate website designing. As its free and open source you can find plethora of free themes especially of real estate website designs. You can add search engine optimization plugins to make easy optimizations as per requirements. Even then if you are not satisfied then you can buy custom build themes exclusively designed to target a particular industry such real estate. Worth to mention is that websites like NYTimes.com is also build on WordPress.

So why not go for a WordPress real estate website? When you get all what you need in one platform.