(Oh maker of this world, what came into your mind that you made this world?)

(Why have you made statues of clay

this lovely earth, these shining faces?

why have you made this play called life?

in which you have held this fair of youth

you sit and watch the fun quietly, such is your greatness

why have you made this world?)

(You must have also suffered after making this heart

after hiding this storm of love in you heart

there must be some picture in your eyes

some tears must also have fallen from your eyes

tell me what made you do it, why you have awakened love?

why have you made this world?)

(You created love and taught us to live

taught us to laugh and to cry

you made us meet friends on the path of life

and awakened our dreams

after awakening dreams, why did you give us separation?

why have you made this world?)

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