Politics is the new religion !!

Politics is the new religion. And I would like to be atheist for a while this time. While I perfectly see and understand what is right and what is wrong with all the undeniable evidence and hence the reasoning followed. At a personal level, I do condemn those who aren’t on the right path and I do appreciate who are sincere to the cause. My reason solely roots from the ‘divide’ that is segregating my people; the brawl among the groups is sickening to witness when your own people grapple with their own compatriots to incessantly defend whoever they stand for. And in this animalistic contest we lose all respect for each other. We envision a unified nation and we do the exact opposite. I denounce this practice openly today.

Two rules I have followed my entire adult life wherever I go and whoever I meet:
(1) Never discuss religion [in a way it stirs sentiments].
(2) Never discuss politics.
With the times progressing they will evolve further and they will get even more sensitive than ever. The tolerance will shrink further and we will only left with resentment in our hearts for our own people. Do not get me wrong here I plead; I am not declaring them a taboo topics neither asking to marginalize them from your lives. Just treat with them with care and caution. We may win in a debate and relish a brief [disguised] triumph, but do reflect for a moment how is it impacting us in the long run.

I will conclude by clearing my stance on the subject. I am not suggesting any of my readers to not cast votes and be a foolishly irresponsible person. This is your country, your piece of land and your own people. Tree only grows from its roots and only then the brawny stems have enough support to assume their position; you are the roots of this nation, you are that change that you long for. For now, just defer your decisions and altercations to the time when you will actually have to play a part. i.e. while casting the vote. I myself will come forward with you to cast my vote to the one I believe would bring betterment. But until then, please abstain from dehumanizing people, avoid promoting the meme trend that degrades any individual no matter how detestable you find him/her, because it is only impairing us as a nation. We must get out of this habit of hooking to these inconsequentially ephemeral gratifications which come at our own people’s expense.

I deeply hope you get my message that I have tried to communicate here. Thank you for reading this far.

“Meray Yaar, Meray Dost,
Meri Kainaat Madhosh,
Sab Kho Gaye Hain Kahan,
Meray Log.”

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