Improving the Literacy Rate by Creating Awareness Among Societies and Making Sure Admissions of Children in Schools

Children Going to school Awarness.

The literacy rate ranges from 96% in Islamabad to 28% in the Kohlu District. Between 2000 and 2004, Pakistanis in the age group 55–64 had a literacy rate of almost 38%, those ages 45–54 had a literacy rate of nearly 46%, those 25–34 had a literacy rate of 57%, and those ages 15–24 had a literacy rate of 72%. Literacy rates vary regionally, particularly by sex. In tribal areas, female literacy is 9.5%. Moreover, English is fast spreading in Pakistan, with more than 92 million Pakistanis (49% of the population) having a command over the English language,which makes it one of the top English-speaking nations in the world. On top of that, Pakistan produces about 445,000 university graduates and 10,000 computer science graduates per year. Despite these statistics, Pakistan still has one of the highest illiteracy rates in the world and the second largest out of school population (5.1 million children) after Nigeria. (Source Wikipedia)

Awaring Children by giving Stationary to them.

As, you can see Pakistan has the 2nd largest out of school population. It is alarming for Pakistan’s literacy rate.

Met an academy for the contribution for poor children.

We hope that we will get success in our mission for education in our country specially for those which cannot afford the fee for education, for this we are arranging meeting with the children of different schools in collaboration with the Principals and teachers,when we met the poor child's they have many dreams n their eyes for becoming doctors,pilots and Army officer but they lack resources to get education from high fi institutes and at last all their dreams get in Vain.

We are planning to improve this situation by creating awareness of child education and making sure admissions of children in schools with provision of necessary things such as bags copies etc. (as much as possible).

In this regard, we will identify the areas where he child enrollment in schools is low and we will contact the Education department for the help in this project and we will make sure that this idea goes practically. If the education department does not contribute or participate in this we will do this by ourselves. And we will see this done. Insha’Allah.

Child get happy on receiving bag and books from us.

Children get very happy when they got new bag and books from us and their poor parents gave us a lot of prayers.we also promise them to take his education expenditure in all respects, and we will carry on our this project of literacy InshAllah.