Your presence is a blessing

You are a present from the universe

You make me wish I was more present

You resemble me entirely

Your walk , your talk , your skin .. it’s all me

It’s as if you are mine when we are together

You are Gods reflection of your parents

And Gods presentation of his perfection

I hope to help you find the hero inside yourself

I hope to remind you of how I saw you in a room full of babies and said said that’s my brother before anyone told me

I hope to tell you how beautiful you were , with an extra finger , and beautiful birth mark similar to dad’s scars

I hope to tell you are still beautiful or handsome as it’s said

I hope you live to learn that I love you

And that love is a difficult thing for me but when you were born I understood it.

I hope you learn that you inspire me to do better

I hope you know that I was there everyday for the first few years you probably don’t remember

I also hope you understand why I haven’t been around for so long

I hope I qualify to fit in your schedule in the coming years

I also hope you know that you were born with all you need to make something of yourself

I also hope you enjoy being a child ..

Do everything you allowed to do

Read everything

Travel everywhere

I also hope you understand I named you blessing because when you were born I understood that I was blessed

I love you Lwazi ❤️️

— Noma

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