Meeting of Minds at the Nomba Aggregator Conference

3 min readMar 1, 2022

At Nomba, we recognise that our partners are key to our business. The amazing work that they do, directly impacts our mission to make financial services accessible and affordable across the country.

Through our partners, we are enabling millions of people to conveniently perform basic but expedient transactions such as sending and receiving money or even paying their utility bills. Working together, we are simplifying the lives of the people we serve.

This is why keeping an open dialogue and ensuring they have all the support required to expand their businesses and reach even more people is an integral part of what we do. Earlier this year, we hosted our first South-West and South-South Super Agent and Aggregator Conferences in Lagos and Warri respectively. These sessions were a physical meeting with our partners to align on ways we can grow together and meet the evolving needs of their customers.

It was our joy to meet with agents who had grown through the ranks with us to become Super Agents and even Super Aggregators, with several burgeoning agents working under them. However, the best part was the meeting of our minds. The sessions were really transformational, particularly for us.

While we had previously achieved a measure of engagement in virtual dialogues, the candour and passion that our partners demonstrated face-to-face filled us with so much gratitude. It was clear to everyone that when we referred to each other as partners, it wasn’t for the lack of a better word, it was and is in fact descriptive.

With agents spread across all nooks and crannies of the nation, our partners are much closer to the people who need these services than we can ever be. They know what innovations we need to adopt and how we need to adapt to ensure we meet the goals we have set for ourselves. Our partners generously shared these insights with us.

Many of their recommendations required changes in the way we do business. It has been several weeks since our last session, and we have made several updates to our services in the light of the recommendations that were made. The results are very rewarding.

We aren’t done having these tough but necessary conversations. In the coming months, we will be hosting conferences targeted at our North West and North Central partners and cannot wait to hear their unique insights.

In many ways, the real satisfaction of these meetings extends beyond knowing that we have partnered with some of the most industrious individuals, it was also seeing how together, we are creating employment and income for so many Nigerian families. This is true impact.




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