Creation is not supposed to be easy

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A blank page.

If you are a writer, these words are likely to fill your mind with an odd mix of dread and excitement. On some days, it’s the bane of your existence, on others it’s what gives your existence meaning. But it’s never ever just a page.

Where others see a piece of paper or a white screen you see a scorching desert — or the bone-chilling white emptiness of the Arctic cold — to be crossed. Worse, to be crossed alone.

Where others see the simple act of picking up a pen or touching a keyboard, you see…

Zeno’s circle of knowledge and the principles of powerful writing

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Isn’t it amazing how getting an answer often prompts us to ask more questions?

There’s an old well-known story about Zeno of Elea, the famed thinker who lived in 5th c. B.C.E. in Ancient Greece, known mostly for his paradoxes, such as Achilles and the Tortoise, that to this day spark imaginations of those who come across them.

Like many ancient philosophers, Zeno taught his ideas to a group of students and, being a good teacher, encouraged them to ask questions. As the story goes, they once asked him why he was always humble, even though his knowledge was almost…

Sailing into the uncharted waters from a new home

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They say that when you ask a question, you should be ready for all answers. Typically, this implies that you may get answers you don’t really like. In my case, however, the opposite happened.

I didn’t have any specific expectations when a few days ago, I asked readers whether they would be interested in a book on powerful writing that would expand on the idea outlined in my recent, surprisingly popular, article. I do know, however, that I didn’t expect the answers to be such a definite YES.

Thank you, everyone, who took the time to reply. I had my…


If the answer is yes, I have one question for you

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Do you write? If you do, can you say the following about yourself?

“I want my readers to be truly moved by my words, but I don’t quite know how to do that, at least, how to do that consistently.”

If this statement accurately describes your aspirations and the current state of your writing, I have one question for you.

How interested would you be in reading a book that would help you make your writing consistently powerful?

That book won’t teach you how to be eloquent, how to overcome writer’s block, where to get ideas for your articles, or…


It’s not about beautifully crafted sentences

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There is one thing every writer wants more than fame, money, and legions of readers. And if you write, you know that thing is. Whether you are just starting out or have been writing for years, you don’t want people just to read your words. You want your readers to think as they close your book or article: now that was some powerful writing!

You know that feeling as a reader. It’s rare, and yet every reader is well familiar with its distinct signs.

You start reading a book. Or an article. Or just a short post. You settle into…

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What happens when you skip three weeks of weekly posts

At this point, a more appropriate name for this series would be The Bi-Weekly Nom, but that doesn’t have the right ring to it. Besides, The Weekly Nom is still a more correct title. It’s just that some weekly issues get skipped. Like the previous two.

But sometimes, skipping a week or two helps put into perspective the speed and the sheer magnitude of change the world has been going trough in this curious year 2020. And skipping not one or two, but three weeks means writing in an environment where news cycles are dominated by headlines some of which…

One voice in the sea of voices

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This post will be different. Vaguer than usual. Or maybe clearer.

We spend our entire lives trying to reconcile our internal voice with the voice of the world surrounding us. Sometimes these two voices talk in unison. Sometimes their words are light years apart. But both of them are always present.

The problem is, the voice of the external world is often so much louder than our internal voice. And no wonder — the world’s booming voice is comprised of thousands of voices.

They talk to you in person and from the TV screen. They scream at you from the…

How not to be a prisoner of your own device

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As my regular readers would know by now, music plays an important role in my life. I like to fill my days with the accompaniment of instrumentals and songs. Some help me think, some liven up my exercises, and some feel like a conversation with someone who I don’t know personally, but who certainly cares about the same things as I do. The latter part applies, of course, mostly to songs. Especially to those that have a powerful blend of words, melody, and performance.

There are times when a particular line from a song resonates especially strongly. It could be…

Why do we care?

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“The need for mystery is greater than the need for an answer.” — Ken Kesey

The world is full of mysteries. What is dark matter made of? How was Stonehenge built? What’s the reason behind Medium’s 50-clap limit?

Some of these mysteries will be eventually solved, while others are likely to remain mysteries forever. About two months ago, I added another, albeit, very insignificant, mystery to the world. …


True learning begins where comfort ends

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Ever since I started my recent intense writing journey, the number of topics I want to write about has been expanding steadily (exponentially would have been a much snappier choice of a word, but it also would have been mathematically inaccurate). My drafts folder keeps welcoming new inhabitants daily, and by now I need to scroll through a few pages to see my earlier ideas.

Why do I keep adding drafts into that draft-dorm instead of turning them into articles and setting them free into the world? Two reasons. One, I get new ideas worth writing down more often than…

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