Verbal abuse is a criminal act.
Beth Winegarner

Verbal abuse can be a criminal act, depending upon what the law is in that region, what was said at the time, and whether this is a single incident or a pattern of behavior. The article you provided gave very little information on the incident, and from what I can find, he felt his family had insulted his wife, and yelled at them in a single incident.

While I know that the UK now has a law on the books regarding non-physical abuse, it was not at the time of the incident. Also, it seems to require a pattern of behavior, not a singular incident. I don’t practice law in the UK, so I can’t attest to the full extent of the law there.

I do know that in most areas, a verbal assault with no threat of violence isn’t necessarily a punishable criminal offense. Not without a lot of other factors beyond the raising of one’s voice in an angry tirade.

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