I think most victims of rape/assault/harassment/etc.
Beth Winegarner

You provide links to your “sources,” which is essential in an online medium, with each given a brief label that is usually a broad category of behavior. Also, based upon the headline that you (or your editor) gave your article, a reader who gives this list only a cursory glance will assume that each of these individuals listed has abused a woman and/or a child.

That’s a problem for a few reasons: 1. The most recent election proved that many people do not check every linked source to show that the information is factual and accurate or that the source is trustworthy. 2. You do not seem to have checked whether these sources are factual, accurate, or trustworthy. 3. Some of the individuals, by your own admission, did not abuse anyone, but made jokes or encouraged bad behavior, which is contrary to your headline. 4. Some people are inappropriately lumped together or even mislabeled, as was the case with Christian Bale; you may consider a single verbal altercation to be domestic abuse, but does the law?

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