Simple Bookkeeping Software for Accountants

To assist small businesses with book-keeping, Nomisma Solution has produced a simple book-keeping application which meets cash basis and basic expenses stipulation following discussion with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Nomisma Solution is available at a nominal price. Nowadays, start-ups and small business can opt from a whole range of online bookkeeping software packages. The technology helps to simplify the pain of bookkeeping for small business owners and provides a range of additional benefits too.

If an individual is starting a business, it becomes imperative to keep track of all the business transactions and keep up-to-date record of all financial activities from the very first day. Hence, for the efficient working of a business it is worth taking some time deciding about the bookkeeping software to be deployed as it will save the business a lot of time. Many of the cloud-based bookkeeping solutions like Nomisma offer useful features for small-businesses in the UK, and start-ups as they do not cost much. In most cases, the businesses pay a minimal monthly fee. A small-business always aims to be successful; hence keeping a track of all the financial transactions becomes imperative.

Nomisma Solutions - online bookkeeping software for small business

Our software is a leader in the UK small business bookkeeping software market and offers the following features:

· Analysis of yearly goals

· Auto-reconciliation

· Analysis and verification of bookkeeping statements

· Direct and Indirect tax computation

· Financial analysis of the business

· Follow up with potential clients

· Growth and business performance analysis

· Summary of bank balance at a click

· List of debtors; update on debtor conversion period

· List of creditors

· Update on creditor deferral period

· Stock statement

· Update on filing deadlines and tax payable

· Summary of quarterly sales and revenue

· Tax summary; Value added tax (VAT) payable

· Financial estimation for 5 years based on historical data and other statistical techniques

· Summary of business expenses

Most bookkeeping softwares are more alike than diverse in terms of features; however, Nomisma Solution provides solutions that are very different from its peers. Basic bookkeeping software has standard modules including invoicing, general bookkeeping, and payment processing. While opting for the best free small business bookkeeping software in 2017, businesses must consider few aspects such as simplicity of use; compatibility and integration; and the most important - security. It is essential for business to focus a lot on security as data breach can cost organisation thousands of pounds.

Nomisma Solution is the best small business bookkeeping software in the UK. With security being an important aspect for organisations these days, Nomisma Solution helps the businesses to be in-line with their strategy and policies for how to use the cloud. All organisations must focus on three primary areas of concern with regards to cloud security:

· Multi-tenancy: Through multi-tenancy, organisation share space with other customers and provides limited flexibility in services. When the data goes out of the physical control of a business, security becomes an issue of concern. As a matter of fact, 38.0% of companies do not have a strategy defined to use the public cloud cited security. However, there is no correlation between security breakdown and the degree of multi-tenancy, hence sometimes hybrid is a way some organisations can become more confident in their approach to use the public cloud model

· Virtualisation needs a different susceptibility management and patching processes for the cloud environment. Nomisma Solutions can be accessed from any location helping businesses meet their business goals

· Nomisma Solution offers an increased level of security and organised functionality. It offers an organisation the flexibility to customise processes, integrating apps, and scale pricing based on the business’ current needs

In particular, cloud bookkeeping solutions are helpful for small businesses in times of regulatory changes. For example, if the International Bookkeeping Standards Board (IASB) makes certain revisions to an bookkeeping standard, most bookkeeping software will have to be updated with the new set of standards. However, if a business is using cloud based bookkeeping software like Nomisma Solution, the system will be upgrade automatically to reflect the changes.

Advantages of using Nomisma Solution

Nomisma Solution is a category leader for contractors / freelancers and small business in the UK. It is steady in terms of key features, support service, and pricing. One of the main strengths of Nomisma is its vast offerings and integrated features, including expense management and time tracking. Apart from its cloud invoicing, payment, and reporting processes, Nomisma also has reliable taxation management in-built tool. It also has the most quick to respond mobile app with an easy-to-operate interface accessible to iPhone, Android, and mobile web users.

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We focus a lot on customer service and offer great customer support. Small businesses in the UK can get in touch with us by means of phone, or raise an online query. The bookkeeping app features advanced security tools including multiple location data backup and HTTPS. Nomisma Solution — a white-labelled cloud-based UK bookkeeping software helps small businesses to keep pace with competitors by offering premium services at an economical price.

Nomisma Solution is UK’s free small business bookkeeping software that executes all bookkeeping and taxation related tasks and prepares the business for meeting their continuing goals. The unique features of Nomisma Solution’s bookkeeping module include:

· Bookkeeping and financial reports management: automatic posting to trial balance, cash-flow statement, P&L, and balance sheet

· Easy to operate and provides data security

· Capital allocation and working capital management

· Strong reporting including ledger and journal entries, and all-inclusive audit reports

· Access of bookkeeping from anywhere and anytime through our mobile app

· Ability to make available the reports in different formats such as .pdf or .doc / .docx

· Sales and purchase management — online invoices; invoices can be e-mailed straight from the software

· Raising credit / debit notes

· Direct feeds from banks

It is essential for businesses to keep track of their money, payroll, and taxes. For a sole proprietor, using Nomisma Solution, it is easy to take advantage of cloud-computing and access data from wherever, with the safety of an offsite backup. Nomisma provides an overview of the financial health of an organisation and aids the business in focusing on better planning and execution.