Jeffler is Actually Manipulative

“Please pay attention to me”

Jeff Veillette is a Leafs fan who runs a website called The Leafs Nation. He spends his days trying to tell his fans that sitting in his bedroom on his computer all day is a job, hoping someone actually thinks he’s a writer and hires him.

Everybody starts somewhere, they say. Veillette, or “Jeffler”, as he likes to be called, is different though. No hockey history, no media history, just a history of telling himself that he’s great, “exposing” others to boost his own ego, and hoping that high fives and retweets will make his life worth living. Every time somebody points out where he gets it wrong, he openly whines for sympathy, to distract you from the mess he created on purpose for everybody around him, especially the Leafs and their fans.

Jeffler took over Leafs Nation a year ago after most of their writers at once with no reason given (most ripped into him on twitter after so he probably forced them out). Others outside of them including rival blogs, other media and more reasonable Leafs fans have also started to call out his behaviour. Since then, the site has become pro-stats, and attacks anybody or anything that supports the ideas of heart, determination, effort, or anything that has made the blue and white successful in its glory days. No, Veillette and his new staff tell you to believe that the game can only be judged by how often you shoot the puck, and no matter how good or bad you look on the ice, it’s only what happens on their graphs that matters.

His site is now brainwashing others, and its causing the Leafs grief. Hear me out if you believe that it isn’t intentional.

Jeffler’s first step was to mess up things up with Steven Stamkos. Soon as he took the wheel, he started writing non-stop about how Stamkos was coming and why. This forced everyone else to blow up the story in the last few weeks, which made it harder for the Leafs to sneak in. It made other teams more nervous, it made the Leafs aggressive, and it scared him away. Veillette hates long contracts, and did this to stop the Leafs from signing one. They lost a superstar that they probably would have had because of it! The Leafs signed Roman Polak and Matt Martin with the leftover money, which gave them a big time locker room boost. His spreadsheets, blind to intangible value, could call those players bad which made the plan more perfect than he could ever imagine. He then tried to make people lose trust in Lou and Shanny all summer to make fans more critical, making it harder for them to make “tough calls” without it being controversial, which maybe stopped them from trading for or signing (Edmonton says thanks for Kris Russell) a needed defencemen to make the team better.

Then SUDDENLY, after telling you everything the team is doing is bad, he comes out with with his obnoxious “The Leafs Are Actually Good” hash tag in the fall. We all knew this was a rebuilding team, and that they needed time to see out the Shanaplan to the end.. suddenly, here’s Mr. “They signed everybody bad and had a crappy summer” making rushing claims after they lost their first game.

Tactful again!! He puts the bosses in heat for months, gets everybody down on them, then swings everybody back up to put massive pressure on them to succeed. He spends every day posting tables saying that the team is things that they plain as day aren’t close to being good at.

He pumped up players that cost them games but have good numbers to put pressure on the team to play them (Marincin ring a bell?) and players he knew weren’t good enough to the NHL but good enough for the AHL, so he could use them as I told you so names when were rightfully sent down (Frank Corrado or Seth Griffith etc). He gets everybody excited for every win so that way they talk about making big trades to rush the plan, and tells everybody that every loss is just luck so they don’t want to fix actual problems. He tells them that he wants an all offence game of soft skilled forwards because he wants the Leafs to try to be a team that never wins a meaningful hockey game. Jeffler says he thinks they’re actually good, but doesn’t want them to be actually good. You should think so, so you’ll promote his name and hashtag and buy his shitty and ugly shirts, but he just wants to be mentioned in all the arguing.

He’s not a Leafs fan, just a Jeff fan. He wants people to talk about him, so the team not being good or bad is perfect, because he can always say they would’ve been good if they did what he said. He wants everybody to talk about him and be angry at the same time because it feeds his arrogance and it his miserable life. He wins if everyone is dragged down to his level and surrounds him. Not the Leafs though. He cant sit there and appreciate the genius top to bottom work that this team has done. He has nightmares about the day, 3 or 4 (not one) years from now, that Mitch Marner blocks a shot the way Matt Martin taught him in Game 7 and then scores the game winning goal on a tougher, smarter team that laughs at everything that he and his buddies tried to sell us in the past.

This team knows what they’re doing. They are going to do something very, VERY special if we let them. Jeffler is an enemy to that. He wants fans and media to force the team to blink to early, and to make them hate even talking about this team. It will make him feel better about still living with his parents, about never playing a serious hockey game in his life, and it will feed his constant need for attention. He uses places like Twitter, Reddit, and his own site to further separate fans and force himself in. We can stop that, though. Don’t give him the attention. Stop buying his stuff, stop reading his blogs, stop retweeting him. Now that the Leafs are having their usual end of year collapse but have enough pressure that they can’t sell the extras at the deadline, make it LOUD AND CLEAR that what he’s doing is the hockey version of political propaganda and a danger to the team. Tell all your friends, send them this post, tell your stories about how he’s been a prick to you for even questioning him (he does this to everyone). Just don’t let someone who knows more about manipulation than hockey keep distracting you from what the buds can do if we give them the room to do it!

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