How to Dress for a Dream Job

Congratulations! You made it through x- number of years of school and have finally gotten that degree!

Now all that’s left is to get that dream job that you’ve been working toward for the past few years! With any interview, there’s going to be some nervousness, so to make things a little easier here’s a small guide on how to dress and act to get that dream job locked down!

First of all, I know we’ve all heard the saying “dress for success.” Unfortunately, far too many people fail appreciate how important that saying really is. Honestly, it’s not just a saying but it’s more of a general rule; despite it’s lack of familiarity. When going to an interview, especially for your dream job, don’t dress like you want the job. Instead, dress like you’ve already gotten the job.

Have confidence and pride, and make it clear that you are the perfect match for the job. That being said, a full suit is absolutely perfect for a job interview, especially one that you really want.

One of the surprising complaints that some interviewers routinely make is the fact that some candidates have a body odor that is unacceptable for the occasion. So, although it might seem obvious… make sure that you shower and smell good before you go to your interview. That means having your hair nice and neat, being clean shaved, and a breath mint never hurts… trust me.

Other than what’s already been mentioned, a good guide to help you dress appropriately for that job interview includes:

- Don’t be flashy! It’s nice to stand out at a job but standing out too much might actually disqualify you; especially if it’s not your qualifications standing out. A couple of accessories, a non iron dress shirt, and a nice looking suit is perfect.

- Be yourself! Make sure the suit that you’re wearing suits (no pun intended) both your body type and your personality. Many interviews go well simply because the interviewer liked who they were interviewing.

- Don’t under-dress! Being flashy and being respectably dressed are two very different things. Put on that suit and wear it like you mean it! Don’t go to an interview dressed like a slob, or you most likely won’t get the job.

- Dress shirts are acceptable! If you aren’t able to get your hands on a nice suit, a nice dress shirt, some slacks, and a tie work just as well. If you opt for this look, you can still dress nicely without spending too much out of pocket!

This is not to say that you don’t know how to dress for in interview. But many people are so nervous about the interview itself that they forget the little things, like to comb their hair or tie their shoes.

This is just a guide to make sure that you’re as fashionable as you are knowledgeable at the job. If you want more information on this subject, (a global online employment service) published a more detailed article on this topic some time back.

Otherwise, I hope that this guide helped you at least a little bit!

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