C’est La Vie- The Journey Onward: Prologue

The wind is howling angrily, threatening to rip the screen off my window and as I sit and type, the thoughts that cycle the expanse of my mind consist of three words: “C’est la vie”, French for “That’s life”. Which reflecting on that now I realize can be seen as somewhat negative but why does it have to be?

You see, earlier today I found myself in a bit of a mud-pile. Questions that had been plaguing my mind brought up insecurities and doubts I tried so hard to push away, and they were demanding to be addressed. So I addressed them.

That alone proved to be a difficult feat (you know how it is, struggling to find the RIGHT words, because the wrong ones won’t fix anything) and when I received answers, they were not what I wanted to hear. Such is life though, is it not? We go through life expecting and wanting one thing, and then what we receive is the opposite.

Of course, I was bummed. My spirit dampened a bit, pulling me into a headspace that I dare not mingle in for very long (like that feeling you get when you hang out in a graveyard after dusk), but I refused to let myself simmer in that pot.

I got up and I got out of it. Because sitting in that would do nothing except depress me and I cannot afford to be depressed right now. So I took my experience, and I chose to grow from it.

There is too much in life that we take for granted or we ignore because we get caught up in the cloudy funk of sadness and negativity.

So? The journey onward?

Things may not be going as I wish they were, or planned the way I wanted them, but I see this as a learning experience. C’est la vie, right? This is life and just like we adapt to the seasons, we adapt to things that get thrown at us. And who knows. In the future, maybe I will personally reach a space where this thing that bummed me out, will become an opportunity again. We can only wait and see. Such is life.

My name is Elley and this is my Prologue; the start to my tale. I’ll be here a while. Will you join me?