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The one thing I found myself contemplating was what to blog about. Should it be my fitness journey, or maybe some essays and use this as a hub for my writing, maybe I could talk about trends or this could be a slice of life blog dedicated to keeping me sane and such you know?

And then it hit me: Does it really matter?

It doesn’t :)

When I made the decision to blog, I forgot the main reason of why I would blog in the first place.. For me. I mean yes, it would be nice to have people read what I am writing you know? But honestly, this is a hobby for myself, this is a way for me to sort through the mundane and bring a type of enjoyment to myself. To those of you who read, thanks for reading.

At the end of the day though, my blog is for myself. And if you get some sort of satisfaction or life lessons from me, Kudos friendo.

Of course, that being said…

Let’s chat.

I came to a realization today that last time I fell into a funk, I had a bullet journal keeping me accountable. For those of you who are reading this and do not know, a bullet journal is a journaling system that uses simple organization and a system of bullets and arrows to signify things to do, be done, or things completed. Well, of course, over time people began to completely reinvent the bullet journal for their own personal organizational use and my, my, my, they are beautiful my friends. If you ever get the chance just go google bullet journal spreads and be amazed. Anyways,

I would use a bullet journal to keep me accountable for things like daily habits (brush teeth, water every hour, hair wash days, etc), or things I had to do because when I fall into a funk I forget things. ALOT. My mind completely blanks on me. So the BuJo was helping a lot. Well, I noticed when I stopped, that's when things fell to shit again. I was not quite out of that funk.

Another thing I realized is that, I am not one of those people who likes to customize their spreads. I would rather use printouts. And since my printer is out of ink (has been for 2 years now) then Mehhhhh.

Rambling, rambling, point being. I should go back to using my bullet journal. Maybe change how I am using it. I decided I want just, a binder that everything goes into. All my plans and financial trees, budgets, etc. I think I can manage that alot better you know?

I dunno. Whatever. I’m a creature of habit. Maybe I need to get back into habit.