Time pass, Things change
Pornpitcha Dansirisanti

I am really appreciated to notice how advertisement has been developed throughout many years ago, but I want to add something more about how Adidas focuses on customers to persuade them to buy product by applying hierarchical pyramid of needs through new product and advertisement. As we always recognize that the trend, design and fashions is constantly changed, causing many brands to follow what happens in current market, Adidas is the one who does best in following trend of customers’ fashions. To clarify, the recent fashions seem to be related to pastel color and minimalist style, which drive many brands to recreate their products with the concept of new trend. For instance, Adidas released similar style of shoes, but the brand uses pastel color — pink — to respond to the trend of consumers in that period. By noticing this, I think Adidas understands the hierarchical pyramid of needs of people by Maslow. To elaborate, since most of us follow the trend of fashion as we expect to be part of society (sense of belonging), Adidas then applies what people like to create new product. Not only that, Adidas also releases advertisement to promote such product by focusing on that pyramid as well. To specify, based on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dffZWgOL-TA, we can obviously see that Adidas features the people, wearing the shoes with daily activity of teenagers with friends that is emphasizing the demands of consumers to fulfill sense of belonging. Therefore, my statement here is to additionally support your statement of how brands start applying customers-based method to create product and advertisement to increase sales. However, the information here is solely my opinion toward Adidas’s advertisement and its recent products that can be different from other people’s point of views.

More information of hierarical pyramid of needs: http://www.researchhistory.org/2012/06/16/maslows-hierarchy-of-needs/

Example of pastel shoes by Adidas: http://wheretoget.it/explore/adidas-originals-pastel-sneakers
Example of minimalist style by Adidas: https://werunandride.com/2012/10/31/a-maximal-take-on12-minimalist-running/

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