Flask + OpenCV + MobileNet SSD

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  • Flask
  • OpenCV
  • Heroku
  • Your Model (Machine Learning/Deep Learning)


gunicorn is main modules for deploy to heroku, other modules and model up to your project. Install modules on your virtual environment

pip install flask  opencv-python numpy gunicorn
  • app.py | Object Detection API
  • index.html | POST Method to Object Detection API
  • index.js | Image Input for POST Method


  • Procfile | commands to be executed for start server
  • Aptfile | Installing apt packages requires sudo
  • runtime.txt | python version on server
  • requirements.txt | This contains the list of modules
  • Add Buildpack

Heroku > Settings tab > Add Buildpack > https://github.com/heroku/heroku-buildpack-apt.git > Save Changes

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  • Deploy


Nonpavit Detbun 🔋🍺

I’m Electrical Engineering. 📟 I have an interest in Web App, Mobile App, IoT and Microcontroller 🧐

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