Note 3 : Disaster Education

by Sirinon Suwanmolee

TDMRC UNSYIAH (Tsunami and Disaster Mitigation Research Center of SYIAH university) was the place we learned about Disaster Education. I waited for study about Disaster education because I interested in disaster cognition previously.

Main idea of disaster education is the knowledge ladder. Due to Human have the step of the cognition. firstly, You have to recognize. your brain will transform its to the acknowledge when it integrate to your thought. Thus when you want to reverse the input process to recognize. you have to coding the content from the experience or the data. Then put it back to your memory to interpret and evaluate the response.

Therefore, The disaster preparedness of human behavior adjustment might start with “know-what” : understanding of the science of disaster, how its occurs, how its effect. Then the knowledge will transformed to the intellectual as “know how” : you know “what you have to do and know what you have to Action to resilience.

As I mention above, Disaster education is important to set up the risk awareness to the people in prone area by convert the experience to the collective knowledge then code its to the recognize as the empirical acknowledge transfer widespread to the people.

To integrate knowledge set. The collaboration of communities stakeholder is important because the attitude adjustment might merge into daily life become the skill and knowledge. the institution commitment might encourage self relient community. Basically, You have to merge the community Based Disaster Risk Management with KM (knowledge management) together to make the sustainable knowledge.

If you did not record the memory, It might be lost in the time. Example , the adult can remember the tsunami clearly than 5 years old children Then 10 year past what you think about the memory of 5 years old children who grow up to 15 years old man. and what about 10 yaers next. So Do we have to record and organize its systemic yet.

Finally, the sightseeing visit picture is.

Rooftop view

we close to the sea.

damaged building

LAB and instruction media zone